We are Wear the Walk

Founded in 2017, Wear the Walk was built to be different. Our concept is different, our clothes are different and our customers are different. Grounded in sustainability and diversity Wear the Walk is pioneering the rental fashion space and providing savvy, kick-ass women access to the very best luxury fashion on rotation.

“I always get asked why Wear the Walk started and it’s simple really… I wanted to create something that gives people access to next generation, luxury fashion and get the amazing feeling that comes with wearing these pieces in everyday life. Beautiful things shouldn’t be resigned to just catwalks and photo shoots, so through our subscription service, we enable customers to gain access to hundreds of these luxury items, to rent and swap, whenever suits them. I like to think of it as a ‘revolving wardrobe.’
So, whether it’s an outfit for a wedding, a date or a job interview, I want Wear the Walk to not just be a revolving wardrobe, but your revolving wardrobe.
At our core, we run our business the way we do because we want to enable women to feel empowered by what they wear, not just once a month or when they have a special occasion, but all the time.”

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